Our San Diego Series is a selection of limited-edition, seasonal beers that embody the very essence of San Diego. Hoppy and refreshing, these beers are perfect for lazy days in the backyard and nights out on the town.

The collection consists of four beers: Hoppy Pilsner, Mosaic & Idaho 7 IPA, Sorachi Ace Green Tea IPA, and Denali Session IPA. 

Hoppy Pilsner

Bright and crisp, our Hoppy Pilsner is a beer that even the most devout hop-head could love. The use of Saaz and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops post-fermentation give this beer a crisp hop bite that's not to be out-shined by it's clean malt character. 

The crisp, spicy Saaz hops dominate the palate and give the beer a perfectly pleasant hop aroma while the use of 2 Row, Pilsner and Vienna malts balance out the hop bite with just a touch of sweet, malt character.

Light yet flavorful, this clean and refreshing Pils is the beer that you'll be reaching for again and again. 

Available in 22oz bottles and on draft. 

Crisp, clean and easy to drink!
— John Egan

Mosaic & Idaho 7 IPA

Using Mosaic, a highly sought after hop, alongside an experimental hop out of Idaho, we crafted our Mosaic & Idaho 7 with San Diego's juicy IPA lovers in mind. 

Pungent tropical fruit flavor and aroma dominate your senses and overwhelm them with intense notes of citrus and resinous pine. The use of Idaho 7 brings in notes of papaya, red grapefruit, apricot, and tangerine with hints of blueberry and black tea. 

Our Mosaic & Idaho 7 IPA is a delicious and flavorful display of two bold hops. 


Available on draft only. 




Sorachi Ace Green Tea IPA

Set out on a mission to experiment with a profoundly unique flavor profile, this limited release IPA marks the union of green tea, Sorachi Ace hops and San Diego Style IPA. 

Developed in Japan, the Sorachi Ace hop is a bit unusual, boasting intense lemon flavor and aroma with light notes of dill, tea, and coriander. Though Sorachi Ace is mainly used as a bittering hop, Head Brewer John Egan saw an opportunity to use it more for it's unique flavor. 

Marrying the lemon characteristics of Sorachi Ace with the mild herbal accents and slight lemon undertone of green tea lead to the perfect complimentary pairing. 


Available on draft only. 


The core of the IPA gives this beer a slight pine and subtle tropical fruit aroma.
— John Egan

Denali Session IPA


Sometimes referred to as Nuggetzilla, Denali hops are the perfect San Diego style hop - juicy, citrusy and full of stone-fruit flavor. 

Born from a cross between Nugget and a son of Zeus, Denali has an intense aroma of pineapple and citrus with resin and pine on the back end. Denali is a versatile hop and can be used for aroma, bittering or flavor. 


Available on draft only. 





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