Core Beers

California Craft Lager  4.2% ABV
Mission Blonde Kolsch-style ale  5%, 20 IBU
Mission Hefeweizen German Wheat  5.3%, 15 IBU
Mission Amber American Amber Hybrid  5%, 43 IBU
Mission IPA American style IPA  6.8%, 66 IBU
Plunder IPA 9 bold hops  7%, 88 IBU
Shipwrecked IPA Imperial IPA  9.25%, 75 IBU
Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout 9.8%, 75 IBU


Seasonal Beers

Queen Tangerine IPA  Fruit, Juicy IPA Dry-Hopped with Citra and Tangerine Peel 6.7% ABV
Sauv-Blanc Dry-Hopped Saison  Hoppy Saison Brewed and Dry-Hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc  6.4% ABV
Dunkle Breaking My Heart  Dunkleweizen 5.1% ABV   
SOS Double IPA   8.6% ABV, 75 IBU

W.T.F.T ("Welcome to Flavor Town") Pale Ale Crisp, Refreshing Pale Ale with Cascade and Neslon-Sauvin 5.1% ABV                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Raspberry Wheat  5.2% ABV
Guava IPA  6.2% ABV
Kia Ora IPA New Zealand IPA Nelson, Pacific Gem, Rakau, Motueka & Wai-Iti hops 5.7% ABV
Beija Flor Citra IPA  Singe Hopped Citra IPA 6% ABV

Cold Brew Stout on Nitro Collaboration with Trident Coffee 4% ABV


Craft Cocktails     

Hard Root Beer  7.5%