Our Harvest Series is a selection of limited-edition, seasonal beers that bring life to the late summer harvest season. Ripe summer fruit pairs with the wet hop harvest to bring you juicy IPAs and fresh Pale Ales. 

The collection includes Raspberry Wheat, Mandarin IPA, Fresh Hop Organic Pale Ale and Black Lager. 

Raspberry Wheat

With the first hints of summer sunshine, raspberries ripen and fruit in abundance. Sweet and tart, these tasty summer treats are a perfect snack that we wanted to turn in to the perfect beer. 

We use a whopping 200 pounds of raspberries in this beer, giving it a fruity aroma and slightly tart and sweet taste. Not to mention a very subtle color!

White wheat malt gives this beer a sweeter malt backbone with a hint of bread dough.

This beer is available for the first time ever this year in 22 oz bottles. 

Available in 22oz bottles and on draft. 

This beer is a staff favorite and it’s release is anticipated every year.
— John Egan

Mandarin IPA

With an aroma of citrus and a pleasant tangerine flavor, Mandarina Bavaria was the obvious hop choice for a summertime IPA. A daughter of Cascade, the Mandarina Bavaria hop imparts slightly sweet tangerine notes and gives the beer a mild, resinous finish.

Playing off the juicy flavors from the Mandarina Bavaria hops, we added a generous portion of fresh orange peel. The melding of tangerine notes with fresh orange peel give this beer a supreme citrus flavor.

Juicy and citrusy, this beer embodies the very essence of summertime living. 


Available on draft only. 




Fresh Hop Pale Ale

Every year between July and August the hop farms in San Diego become inundated with fresh, whole cone hops. With a little help from our friends over at Star B Ranch in Ramona, CA we secured both Chinook and Cascade hops to use in this Pale Ale.

Chinook and Cascade give this beer pine and citrus notes respectively. Brewed with just a touch of Crystal Rye malt, this Pale Ale has a hint of rye spice and a light copper color. 

Brewing with fresh hops impart all the hop oil in to the beer, giving the beer a literal fresh hop flavor. 

Available on draft only. 



Blackbeard's Lager


Originating in Germany the Schwarzbier, or Black Lager, is a typically light bodied beer with a dark, slightly opaque coloring. 

Our version of the Black Lager is true to style and uses Pilsner and Munich malts to keep the body light and the flavor crisp. We add a touch of Midnight Wheat malt to add a slight roasty flavor. 

The use of Mandarina Bavaria hops in this beer give it a pleasant fruity aroma and flavor as well.


Available on draft only.