Our Fruit & Oak Collection is a selection of limited-edition, seasonal beers that combine the bright flavor of real fruit with the heavy, earthy tones of barrel aged beers. We use all real fruit in these beers, giving them a distinct flavor and fresh aroma. 

The collection consists of four beers: Passionfruit Gose, Tropical Sour, Barrel Aged Citrus Porter and Barrel Aged Berried Treasure. 

Passionfruit Gose

Our Passionfruit Gose is full-on, unfiltered goodness. We combine the tart sweetness of passionfruit with the unmistakably refreshing characteristics of a gose. 

With 4 pounds per barrel of real passionfruit puree added during primary fermentation, the tropical flavor in this beer shines though, but is not overwhelming. It's a beautifully balanced beer, with both the passionfruit and the tart, slightly salty gose complementing each other while still being stand alone players. 

As if the harmony between sweet passionfruit and tart gose wasn't enough, we've dry hopped this beer with a generous amount of Citra hops -- a half pound per barrel in the dry hop, to be specific. The juicy, tropical Citra hops give it a citrus undertone and a slightly dank flavoring. 

Available in 22oz bottles and on draft. 

A mid-winter’s treat to remind you of summer’s bounty.
— John Egan

Tropical Sour

Made with real mango and pineapple, this kettle sour is both refreshing and tart. The tropical sweetness adds to the tartness, making it a drinkable and balanced beer. 

We use a 50/50 mixture of White Wheat Malt and our base malt, 2 Row, in conjunction with both Magnum and Citra hops for bittering and aroma respectively. Citra hops have a very distinct "dankness" to them which works well with the sourness of lactobacillus brevis.


For both our Passionfruit Gose and Tropical Sour we use a kettle souring method. Kettle souring is an efficient, predictable and quick way to achieve souring, while staying away from contamination issues. We kettle sour because we don’t want to introduce sour beers which could contaminate our clean beers.

To kettle sour, we fill the kettle, then cool the wort down. Once the wort reaches around 110 degrees, we flood the kettle with carbon dioxide so there's no air in contact with the wort. We then innoculate the wort with lactobacillus. In that environment, at that temperature, without oxygen, the lactobacillus produces the nice souring we desire. 

Available on draft only.


Barrel Aged Berried Treasure

We took our Berried Treasure, a big, bold, brazen beer full of four different fruit varieties, and let it rest in Heaven Hill Distillery barrels for 5 months. The results are heavenly to say the least. The Elijah Craig Bourbon softens up the rough edges of the boozy Berried Treasure. The barrels add undertones of vanilla and distinct oak flavor, and also bring out some of the candied aspects of the beer, making the fruit seem sweet without being overly cloying. The intricacies of the fruits are highlighted, making this beer a barrel aged spectacle you don't want to miss out on.

A barrel aged version takes this beer and triples it’s next level-ness.
— John Egan

Barrel Aged Citrus and Vanilla Porter


In the same style as our Barrel Aged Berried Treasure, we took a beer that was delicious on it's own and added another layer of complexity to the beer by aging it. Our Citrus Porter with Vanilla was stored in Heaven Hill Distillery barrels for 5 months, giving the beer added depth and flavors. The barrels were freshly dumped, making the influx of bourbon even more pronounced. The bourbon from the barrels has given this beer a flavor profile that is unique and a body that is full, without being overbearing.

While the Citrus and Vanilla Porter had bitter chocolate undertones to it, it's barrel aged counterpart has softened out giving way to more sweet, milk chocolate flavors. The barrel aging has softened the citrus flavor, letting the chocolate come through.