It's Fresh Hop Season

Just 45 miles northeast of Mission Brewery lies a beautiful, hoppy farmland - Nopalito Farms. A family-run business that is surviving the Southern California drought, Nopalito Farms possesses 2.5 acres of certified organic hops. 

Head brewer John Egan, went on a search for the best and most fresh hops to use in our wet hop pale ale, and stumbled across Nopalito Farms by no accident. Growing up in Fallbrook near Nopalito Farms John knew he wanted to support the local, family-run business. Jacob Brownwood of Nopalito Farms is also a former Mission employee and an all-around great guy. 

John chose Cascade and Chinook hops because they’re classic American hops that make for a classic American Pale Ale.

Brewed with 4.5 pounds per barrel of Cascade and Chinook wet hops, this beer has a juicy aroma and flavor, complimented by a slight pine undertone.