Passionfruit Gose

Every once in awhile a beer comes along that we just can't get enough of. We drink it every day after work, we take it to all of our friend's parties, we recommend it to all of our customers. Let us tell you, Passionfruit Gose is not that beer. Passionfruit Gose is better than that beer!


With 4 pounds per barrel of real passionfruit puree added during primary fermentation, the tropical flavor in this beer shines though, but is not overwhelming. It's a beautifully balanced beer, with both the passionfruit and the tart, slightly salty gose complementing each other while still being stand alone players. 


As if the harmony between sweet passionfruit and tart gose wasn't enough, we've dry hopped this beer with a generous amount of Citra hops -- a half pound per barrel in the drop hop, to be specific. The juicy, tropical Citra hops give it a citrus undertone and a slightly dank flavoring. 


Our Head Brewer, John Egan, was excited to brew this Passionfruit Gose because of the uniqueness of the flavor profile. He likens the "funkiness" from passionfruit to something you pick up in certain yeast strains and bacteria. 

This beer leaves nothing to be desired and satisfies even the pickiest beer drinker. You can pick up a bottle or two (and a pint while you're at it) in the tasting room today, or check our beer finder for locations serving it near you.